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We're glad to be back...

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Happy #fluffyfursday and WELCOME BACK!!! Both to the blog and to all three of our cafés which have now been able to reopen! Today we're also celebrating our Birmingham café's 2nd birthday, which is yet another excuse to pay us a visit and order one of our delicious slices of cake! This week it only seemed fitting to update you all on what’s been happening at Kitty Café, so grab a hot drink, sit down and take a few minutes to read our latest news.

A special thank you...

Ever since we closed for the first lockdown in March 2020, we have been overwhelmed with the continuous support from all of our loyal followers and customers. And throughout the past year, during our closure and the brief period where we were able to open, that loyalty has remained evident. It is thanks to your donations (monetary or otherwise), purchases from our online shop and your kind words, that we have been able to survive as a business and continue to provide the service you love. We will forever be grateful for the generosity you have shown! We’d also like to acknowledge the hard work of our team members across the three locations, without whom we would not have been able to provide the vital care our kitties need. It is thanks to them that we are now able to reunite you all with healthy and happy cats. However, the support hasn’t died down at all since reopening! All three cafés have gone down an absolute storm, with people visiting from all over to get their fix of fluffy cuteness. The feedback we’ve had has reassured us that Kitty Café is still very much a place that people treasure! We’ve loved seeing all of your posts and stories from your visits this week, so keep them coming and remember to tag us. If you do, you’ll even be entered into a prize draw!

Our Nottingham team were supurrr excited to welcome you all back!

The latest on Leicester

Naturally, we’ve also had an influx of questions about the Leicester venue and when it may be opening. And while we completely understand your eagerness to visit our new location, we’re still yet to announce when you will be able to do so. The logistics of working around a global pandemic and multiple lockdowns have inevitably pushed things back a bit, which means we’re yet to iron out the final details! But we promise as soon as we have a date set in stone, we’ll let you all know. If you’re feeling impatient, keep an eye out for any updates on our social media pages. Trust us... it will be worth waiting for!

A pawesome project

In more positive news, this week saw the launch of one of our most exciting projects yet (I know we say that every time but this one really is pawesome!) Remember a few weeks ago we teased about Pet Pawtrait? Well it’s finally here! Pet Pawtrait puts the purrsonality back into personalised pet drawings and allows you to bring out your fluffy friend’s true inner character. Choose from one of over 10 fun, novelty backgrounds and send us a quality snap of your pet- our talented artist, Megan will do the rest! Who doesn’t want a picture of their cat as Harley Quinn?! The best part is, you can choose from a range of canvases, posters and mugs to make a truly unique gift for any pet parent!

New in our shop

With pubs, restaurants and bars open again, many of us (or those of us who have resisted online shopping out of boredom) are finding ourselves rediscovering that “I have nothing to wear” feeling again. But instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, why not invest in a few new accessories to mix and match with any outfit? If you want a more subtle way of showing off your love for cats, why not take a look at some of our sunglasses, bags and jewellery to purrfectly compliment your dinner date look? Not everything on our website screams 'crazy cat lady'

You've probably seen these narrow cat-eye lens sunglasses everywhere. They're a must-have if you love the 'Y2K' style that seems to be popular at the moment. Well we stock these in every colour imaginable! So grab a pair (or three) and make a statement.

Another trend that's hard to miss is miniature handbags, particularly in pastel hues. Why not treat yourself to one with a Kitty Café twist?

Jewellery makes the perfect addition to an outfit to take it from daytime to dressy! And we're just in love with this kitty silver sterling ring.

And that's all for now! Join us next week for some fur-tastic kitty advice. In the meantime, enjoy your visits to our cafés and be sure to tag us in any photos you take. If you can't make it to us just yet, follow us on our social media accounts to admire our furbabies from afar.

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