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Father's Day: A gift guide for the best dad in the world... and an even better cat dad!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

We’re fast approaching that time of year again when we’re absolutely stumped about what to get our dads for father’s day. Don’t worry, it’s not this Sunday before you start panicking. We thought we’d give your fair warning to get your orders in now, so they have a chance of arriving on time. Mums are easy enough- chocolates, flowers, soaps, wine… anything will do. Dads are the real challenge. Especially if yours isn’t football obsessed or doesn’t like beer. But if he’s anything like you, one thing you can count on is the fact that he loves cats. Remember that kitten he swore he didn’t want? Look at him now, a proud cat dad who won’t let his furry friend out of his sight! Luckily for you, we know a thing or two about cat lovers and we have a huge variety of gifts that they’ll adore almost as much as their own kitties. So with that being said, let’s move on to our fathers day gift guide!

This first one might be a little cliché but I can safely say I’ve never met a dad who doesn’t like being in charge of the family BBQ. Picture him now, apron on, tongs in hand, ready to tell anyone who gets too close to back off. Dads love boring anyone who’ll listen by telling them how to grill the perfect sausage. Going with that theme, we’ve picked out this adorable kitty spatula- the ideal tool for flipping burgers on an outside grill! And it goes hand in hand (or paw in paw) with our cat paw oven gloves to protect him from any of those nasty burns we all get when BBQing… no matter how good he thinks he is.

Next up we’re heading down the t-shirt route. Simple but effective, this one says it all. Not only is he a great dad, but he’s an even better cat dad! His bond with his feline companion is unmatched, and even if he likes to pretend otherwise, deep down he’s proud to wear the badge of ‘Best cat dad ever!’ Or if he really doesn’t want anyone knowing what a softie he is, maybe a pair of our kitty socks will be a better shout… he can always hide them under his trouser legs.

Now if your dad is the type to crack open a cold one on a sunny caturday afternoon, a new bottle opener is the way to go. We have our kitty paw shaped ones for lazy afternoons on the sofa, or even some cat shaped ones that can be attached to his keys for emergency beers on the move… you never know when will be the purrfect time for a refreshing drink, so you might as well kit him out with this handy tool!

And if all else fails, you could simply give him the gift of a trip to Kitty Cafe (everything’s on you of course!) For just £12.95, plus our kitty welfare charge, you can treat him to our pawesome meal deal- that’s any food item off our menu, a drink and some delicious cake! How generous! He may not take kindly to betraying his own cat by cosying up to ours though 😂

If none of those gift ideas will prove how much your dad means to you… I don’t know what will! Tune in next week for another blog post crammed with advice, ideas, news from Kitty Café or maybe even some pawesome facts (I haven’t quite decided yet to be honest) In the meantime, enjoy your week and keep up to date with what the kitties are up to by following our social media pages. Bye for now!

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