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Each box will be unique with a wide range of products for you and your cat to try! This is especially important in keeping your cat engaged, healthy and being more environmentally friendly! 
Cats, like toddlers, get bored of the same things on repeat, so that particular silver tabby brand of food or that treat with the advertisement of cats bursting through walls, might not be the healthiest nor the most environmentally friendly way to take care of your kitties! Use our boxes to road test new products with your cat or as a treat once a month.
All of our products will be tested by our approx 90 rescue cats and only the toys and food that pass their rigorous quality and interest test will feature in your box! 
All of our boxes will be unique and  themed for maximum impact with the aim to brighten up yours and your special kitty's day!

Get a Kitty Cafe Pam-Purr Subscription Box

  • Pam-Purr Boxes

    Every month
    Monthly treats for you and your cat delivered to your door
    • Luxury Cat Food for your cat
    • 2 pawsome toys for your cat
    • Yummy treats for your cat
    • A super gift for you (for buying the box)
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