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Easter's Coming, but What does it mean?

It's coming up to that time of year once again. It's Spring, it's early April, we all know what that means...

If you didn't guess Easter, then I really don't know what to say. If you did guess Easter, well done! That's correct. Easter is only in 11 more days! Pretty Exciting.

Most of you probably know Easter as waking up to a bunch of chocolate Easter eggs and scoffing them with your family, but it's much more than just easting egg-shaped chocolate.

What is Easter?

Easter is a celebration looking at Jesus rising from the dead (three days after execution), thus making it an important festival in the Christian calendar.

When is Easter?

This year, Easter Sunday falls on the 17th April, however it varies year to year. It is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon, on or after the 21st March.

Did you know? The week leading up to Easter Sunday is called, 'Holy Week'.

Holy Week

Holy Week is the week that leads up to Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday

This is the Sunday before Easter Sunday. On this day, people celebrate Jesus's arrival to Jerusalem on a donkey, people throwing palm branches on the road as they greet him.

Maundy Thursday

The Thursday before Easter. On this day, people remember when Jesus ate the passover meal with his disciples as they rip bread and drink wine. You'll know this as the Last Supper.

Easter Sunday

Finally, Easter Sunday marks Jesus's resurrection. After his crucifixion on the Friday, Jesus was taken down from the cross and buried in a tomb. This tomb was guarded by Roman soldiers and a huge stone was placed over the entrance.

On Sunday, Mary Magdalene and Jesus's disciples went to visit Jesus's tomb when they noticed the stone had been moved. Mary and his disciples saw Jesus later that day, and for forty days afterwards by many people. People began to realise that God had raised him from the dead. They refer to this as resurrection.

Easter Eggs

The Easter egg is a symbol of new life. Christians see the Easter egg as a symbol for the resurrection of Jesus.

Christians believe that, through the resurrection, Jesus had overcome death and sin. Because of this, people are promised eternal life if they follow his teachings.

Today, Easter eggs are made of chocolate and covered in tinfoil. Though, traditionally, they would use hard-boiled chicken eggs and later decorate them by hand.

Celebrate Easter with your feline friend!

Get yourself some plastic Easter egg toys (or Easter egg toys of any material), fill it with a bit of kibble and roll it on the floor towards your cat, watch it chase, jump and pounce all over!

The Wrap-Up

Now you know a bit more about Easter, you can celebrate it with friends, family and felines, and actually know why you're scoffing an egg-shaped piece of chocolate, rather than just eating it for the fun of it.

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