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Cat Sounds, What do they Mean?

There's a huge variety of meows our feline friends give out with a range of different meanings, but the question is: what do they mean?

Throughout this article, I'll be going over a few different types of meows and what they actually mean.

If you have a cat, you have most definitely heard it meow, but, not just in one tone. Cats have many have different tones to their meows and this is how we determine what each meow may mean.

Whether this is meowing for attention, or they want to show their happiness towards you, or maybe it's something else, like an underlying condition they may have that they're struggling to communicate. Whatever it is, it's important that you understand your felines meows.

Without further ado, here's a few meownings to your cats meows.

1. Simply, the short meow This one is pretty simple: it's just a way for a cat to say hi! This is probably the most common meow that comes from a cat. Definitely give your cat a fuss because he or she probably wants attention.

2. The adorable multi-meow When your cat meows multiple times, or a few times per minute, this show that he or she is a very excited and happy kitty, again, give them a pet to show your appreciation.

3. Extended meows Similar to their mid-pitched meows, extended meows mean your cat wants something, but, no, no, no. They're not just asking - they're demanding. Maybe your cat is really hungry, or it's demanding attention after a lonely day, or maybe it just wants to be let in or out.

4. Middle pitched tones

Similar to long meows, they mean pretty much exactly the same, except it's like their way of asking nicely rather than demanding. Maybe they want to use the loo outside, or if it's time for din-dins, they're asking for their food.

5. Low-pitched meows

When your cat isn't happy and wants to complain, he or she would normally let out a low-pitched meow. Maybe this is a sign your cat wants the attention it really deserves!

6. High-pitched meows

If you've ever accidentally stepped on a cats tail and they let out a high-pitch meow, this is their way of showing they're in pain. It doesn't necessarily mean it's to do with their body or digestion though, just a general way to let you know they're feeling some type of pain.

7. Growling and Howling

If a cat is howling, they're not feeling positive at all, in fact, they're feeling very negative. This is because they're trying to protect their territory, or they're fighting with other cats. Keep in mind, if your cat begins to howl, they're most probably injured, so take them to a vet as soon as possible.

[!] Stay away from any cat fights to prevent scratches and bites.

8. pUUUrs

On a lighter note, purring mean the cat is happy or sleepy, or comfortable as he or she sleeps on your lap. Mothers also purred to their kittens to comfort them.

After reading this article, hopefully you're now more knowledgeable on the different types of cat meows and their meanings with hopes you don't experience the negative ones. If you do, you know their meaning!

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