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How to travel with your feline friend

Going on holiday with friends and family is a very exciting thought, that is, until you think about your pet and what you're going to do without them, or what they're going to do without you.

If that happens to you, have you ever thought about the possibility of bringing your cat with you? If not, it might be possible. In this blog, I'll be going over some things you could do to bring your cat with you.

Feline Comfortable

Firstly, comfort IS key. When you're travelling, you like to be comfortable, right? Well, cats are exactly the same, but who doesn't like to be comfortable? The long drives and the movement of the car will lure the cat into long nap-times. If you're travelling alone, you may need to bring a carrier for the cat to nap in.

If, however, you're bringing a cat on a trip with a passenger, you may be able to let them sleep on their lap, or allow them to lie on something, like a blanket or towel to prevent them getting pricked by something sharp. i don't think they'd like their nap being disturbed...

Make sure if you're using a carrier that it's strapped in properly and the gate is locked to stop the cat from wondering off when you make a stop.


Due to the long naps during the journey, you cat needs pit stops too. No, not their own little pit stops, that's not necessary. Only when you think it's time to make a stop, that's when you should. One you've stopped, you can put your feline friend on the floor of the car and feed them. Around a teaspoon of canned cat food will do in a small bowl as well as a small bowl of water.

Some kittens have to use the letterbox after they've eaten. A small shoebox with a tiny bit of litter should work.

Room safety

When looking for hotels to stay in with your fury friend, be sure to do extensive research to ensure you pick a room that suits your needs best, well, your cats needs. They will ensure the room is cat-proof and will make sure the cat isn't in any danger of getting lost, or hurt. For example, they'll get you a bed that meets with the floor to ensure your cat doesn't go hiding in places you can't reach.

When you arrive, be sure to place down your fluffy friends food, water, and open carrier in one corner of the hotel room. You're going to want to place the cat litter in the opposite, they absolutely hate their potty being near their food.

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