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Keep your cat cool

Imagine it's a hot summers day and you're sunbathing in the garden sipping your lemonade when suddenly you remember... You have a cat somewhere around with a big fur coat on. You begin to panic because you have no idea what to do.

Don't worry - we've got you covered. Whenever there's another hot day, just follow these tips below and you won't have to panic anymore because your cat will be as cool as ever.

1. move them into shade

Yea, this is a bit obvious, but if your cat is chilling in the sun, you might want to move it to the shade. It's as simple as that. This could and would obviously cool down your furry friend.

2. Spray your cat

You could always try spraying your cat with some cold water. This would feel like heaven for your kitty and it will most definitely help them cool down.

3. Don't leave them unattended

If you're taking them in the car with you, be sure to bring them with you. NEVER leave a cat in the car alone, especially with the windows open. Failure to bring them with you and leaving them in the car may result in fatal consequences for that cat.

4. Icepacks

You could potentially wrap an ice pack in a towel and place it in your cats favourite sleeping spot. When they go to bed or go sleep next time, they will be nice and cool from the ice pack.

Don't have an ice pack? You can probably make one at home with a bag of frozen food, like peas, for example. Anything in a bag that's frozen could possibly be used.

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