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Cat Lover Benefits

According to some studies, people with cats are likely to feel more confident, happy, less nervous and overall have better psychological health than people without any pets.

Some people also mention how they sleep better, are able to focus, and they're also able to face problems in their life a lot easier.

Here's a list of reasons why you should get yourself a cat.

1. Reduces chances of heart disease

Similar to dogs, research shows that owning a cat can reduce your stress which has a knock-on effect of your risk of cardiovascular disease.

2. They help children with autism

University of Missouri has found that social interaction in children with autism had improved dramatically when put with pets.

In the study, parents reported a strong bond forming between the children and the pet.

3. They have a positive impact on your health

A study including 600 people, half of which had mental health problems. 87% said that their pets had a positive impact on their wellbeing. 76% had also said they cope with stress easier thanks to their cat.

If that's not a reason to hug your cat I'm not sure what is...

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