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The countdown is officially on!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

This week’s post will be full to the brim with exciting updates and our favourite items from our online shop, so grab yourself a nice hot drink (it’s chilly again this week!) and settle down to see what we’ve got to say.

The exciting news is that the plans for hospitality venues to reopen in May are still very much on track, meaning it’s looking very likely that we will be able to open on the 17th! Book yourself in for your long awaited catch-up now to make sure you can bag yourself a table.

Those of you who have been part of the Kitty Café family for long enough will remember our beloved Maine Coon Heathcliffe, the king of Kitty Café. We’re still working hard to keep his memory alive through our social media accounts dedicated to him as well as special items available in our online shop. And it’s clear to see how treasured he was by our followers across the UK but particularly here in Nottingham where he lived. Last week our local ice hockey team, the Nottingham Panthers, paid tribute to him in their own special way by having him as part of their virtual audience. He truly did stand out in a crowd!

Did any of you panthers fans spot a familiar face in the crowd?

Last week also saw the end of one of our favourite campaigns yet: The Kitty StyleSHIELD. If you missed out on this pawesome chance to get your claws into one of these super cute hoodies, fear not… we’ve just launched the same project over on Indiegogo! Which means you still have time to grab yourself your very own customised hoodie with a built-in face covering.

But with the end of one campaign comes the start of another. We’ll give you a second to catch up on last week’s blog post before we continue…

If you went back and read last week’s blog post you’ll know the new campaign we’re referring to is our Peekaboo Kitty Cup & Saucer. The great news is that we’re officially LIVE on Kickstarter which means you can pledge RIGHT MEOW!

Those of you who follow us on all of our social media platforms may have seen our post about Honey, one of our much loved Nottingham kitties. Don't worry, she's absolutely fine- in fact better than fine! Due to COVID complications she's been waiting months for an operation to remove all of her teeth. This sounds alarming but trust us when we say it was for the best and she'll be in a lot less pain now! Plus, once she's healed a little she'll still be able to eat all her favourite foods, including her all time favourites... DREAMIES!

Honey's operation is just a small snippet of how we care for our cats throughout the year and veterinary procedures like these do come at a cost. These costs on top of the costs of food and other essentials for our kitties are usually covered by the entrance fee we charge at our cafés. But as we are still closed, we are relying on sales from our online shop and donations from you to keep our kitties healthy and looked after. If you'd like to donate or purchase from our shop, please head over to our website.

Only last week we were amazed by the sunny weather here in the UK… but seeing as this week the snow has made an unwanted return, we thought it would be more appropriate to pick out our favourite cosy items to snuggle up with. By the time your order makes its way to you, who knows what the weather will be like!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. A number one must-have in this weather is cosy pyjamas, slippers and loungewear, and our online shop definitely has you covered.

And to pair with a snuggly outfit, you need a steaming hot cuppa! Kit yourself out for the purrfect coffee, tea or hot chocolate with our range of mugs and teaspoons.

The best place to be on a chilly day is, of course, in bed! Make your sleeping spot a cosy cocoon with our range of bedding, pillows and plush toys. You'll never want to leave!

We'd love to stay and chat but as you can imagine, things are getting busy here at Kitty Café in preparation for our grand reopening. Follow us on our social media platforms to keep up to date with all the kitty cuteness throughout the week and come back next week for more news and advice!

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