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The Best Cat Facts

So, cats are small & there's millions of them. They're one of the most popular house pets in the world behind dogs. In fact, 18% of families have a pet cat. This is sorta weird considering there's still so much that we don't know about them.

I'm writing this article in hopes of educating not only myself, but you too about our feline furry friends. Today we will be going over a few interesting facts about cats that we might've not known. If you know any, do let us know!

1 - Cats spend 70% of their life sleeping

If you thought cats slept a lot, you'd totally be right. They sleep 70% of their life, this works out to be around 13-16 hours a day.

2. Cat enters space in 1963

They've previously sent dogs and monkeys to space, but did you know in 1963, they sent a cat into space? This was the first cat to go to space, and is still the only one to explore the mysterious unknown.

3. A house cat can reach speeds of up to 30mph?!

When you're sat at home watching TV and you have a cat, chances are you've witnessed the 'zooms', or 'zoomies'. This is when a cat is excited or feeling lively and suddenly has a lot of energy. You've probably saw how fast they are, but did you know they can actually reach speeds of up to 30mph?

4. The oldest cat was 38 years old!

This one is impressive. When 38 year old Creme Puff passed away, he was the oldest cat to ever live at the age of 38 years and 3 days. Creme Puff was born on the 3rd August 1967, and lived until the 6th August 2005. Cremes owner, Jake Perry had previously owned a cat who also happened to be the worlds oldest cat before Creme Puff, living until the age of 34!

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of what our cats are actually capable of. Personally, some of these surprised me.

If you want to see more, do let me know and I can write up some more facts, then we can get to understand our cats a bit more together!

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