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Snuggle Paws, Saying Goodbye and Spring Style!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Hello again furriends... fancy seeing you here! If you're a regular visitor to our little corner of the internet you'll know that for the past two weeks we've been bringing you plenty of advice for owning a cat here on our blog. And while that's super useful information for a lot of people, we haven't forgotten those of you that don't have your own cats and look to us to get your fluffy fix of feline cuteness! Fear not, this week we're back with news from the cafés and all kinds of exciting updates.

Our Latest Projects

Sorry non-pet-owners, bear with us one more minute! We can't not mention our brand new collaboration with Protohype: Snuggle Paws. Snuggle Paws is a range of luxury pet beds designed with your furry companion's comfort and health at heart. What makes Snuggle Paws so special? (we'll stop saying Snuggle Paws now!) These beds are made from high quality memory foam- that's the stuff those fancy mattresses are made of! Which means the bed will form around your pet's body for extra cosiness, and bounce right back again when not in use! Long gone are the days of sharing your bed with a fidgety fur baby. Now they have their very own sleep sanctuary. Not only are they the height of comfort, Snuggle Paws (Sorry!) are also designed to be more hygienic than your average pet bed. Each bed has a silver-infused, antibacterial cover just like Protohype's Silver Shield Masks, which means they're less likely to harbor any nasty bacteria and make your pet ill. Have we convinced you yet? Check out the campaign over on Kickstarter. What are you waiting fur?

If you don't have a pooch to pamper or a cat to coddle, the Kitty StyleSHIELD may be more your cup of tea (that may or may not be a hint at a future campaign so keep your eyes peeled!) Our talented friends at Protohype have been working round the clock to give Kitty Café hoodies the upgrade you deserve. We spoke more in detail about this fabulous project a few weeks ago, so we won't bore you by repeating ourselves. But essentially, Kitty StyleSHIELD combines our classic hoodies with the must-have accessory of the season... the face covering. Each hoodie has a built in mask so there's really no excuse to forget yours. The project will only be live for 6 more days so don't miss out!

In other news, if you have an eager eye, you'll have noticed that the way we run our weekly giveaway has changed. Instead of announcing the winner in our newsletter, we will now be contacting them directly through social media, so make sure you're following us on all platforms so you don't miss that all-important DM!

Bon voyage Biscuit!

This week we said goodbye to our beloved Biscuit as he left the Leeds café for his forever home. We've heard he's already settled in well so we're sure he'll be very happy in his new home.

"I collected him this morning and he is the sweetest most loving cat ever"

If you think you could give one of our rescue kitties a loving home, why not check out our rescue site to see which ones are currently available?

Our top picks from the shop this week

As of next week the lockdown restrictions are set to ease slightly, meaning the possibility of a picnic with a friend is back on the table. And with the weather warming up a few degrees, the timing is perfect (touch wood!) Why not add a touch of Kitty Café magic to tide you over until you can have your lunch in one of our cafés? We sell a range of pawesome picnic accessories from cool bags to thermal flasks... you could even use our funky flannel blanket as a picnic blanket.

If you're heading back to the office after months of working from home, then pyjamas have probably become a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. And while we're totally up for loungewear being the new business-casual, we have a sneaky feeling your boss might not agree with that sentiment. Why not switch up your style for the Spring Season and wow your colleagues with a new look?

Flaunt your wild side with this fabulous leopard print blazer! Pair with a black top and black trousers for a classy and polished look

Dress up one of our whimsical t-shirts with a midi skirt and boots for the purrfect mix of dressy and casual

If you're not quite bold enough to go full crazy-cat-lady, why not show a subtle nod to your love for cats with these fashionable cat-eye sunglasses or a kitty backpack? You'll be cat walk ready in no time.

We'd love to chat more but unfortunately that's all for this week. If you can't wait until next week to get your fix of adorable cats and fab new products from our online shop, why not follow us on our social media platforms? We post daily so you're guaranteed to be kept up to date on all of the latest goings-on from our cafés. Tune in next week for a special Easter edition where we give you all of our top tips on how to enjoy your second lockdown Easter the Kitty Café way!

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