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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Does your cat have certain or specific dietary requirements? Behavioral or bowel-relieving issues? Or maybe your cat is just a picky or fussy eater? Well, may we make a suggestion? A cold-pressed, raw diet for your cat.

While a 'raw' diet might seem pretty self-explanatory, what is cold-pressed cat food? Lots of non-perishable food items can be cold-pressed, but with regards to your feline, cold-pressed cat food is produced under much lower temperatures than any super-market branded cat biscuits or dry food. Switching your cat to cold-pressed dry food is often the first step in starting them on a raw diet, as cold-pressed dry cat food contains a larger number of natural ingredients and is much closer to your pet's 'natural' diet, without having to actually dip into raw food, including defrosting or preparing it.

At RudyFood, they're passionate about high quality nutrition which is both tasty and cost-effective. Specialising in raw, frozen bulk food with an essential 80/10/10 ratio of meat, bones and offal and staple flavours of beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and rabbit with new flavours and products launched regularly; RudyFood also sell cold-pressed grain-free dry food, grain free healthy treats made with 80% fish including salmon and trout, food toppers for those with fussy felines, and weaning pastes for kittens suitable for kittens of three weeks or older - all grain-free and produced in the UK, with ingredients from safe & sustainable farms.

With a total brand relaunch on July 1st including two new ranges of Big Bites and Little Bites, and a physical store opening soon; visit RudyFood for case studies, reviews, FAQs, Terms of Service and company policies, as well as product listings, company history and the downlow on all aspects of the feline diet - cold-pressed, raw, natural, healthy and delicious! Use code KITTYCAFE for 10% off all orders placed in July!

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