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What do Cats Actually do?

It's nothing new for cats to sit around and sleep. Who wouldn't love to do that? I know I would.

In this blog, I'm going to be going over the things that cats do during the day, whether you're in the house or not.

Feline tired?

It's not abnormal for cats to sleep their lives away. Definitely not as much as us humans, but did you know that cats sleep 12 to 16 hours a day? This is due to a large number of reasons, such as age, weather & boredom, for example, older cats need more sleep.

Another example is the weather. When the sun's out and it's warm out, we feel more energetic, whereas when it's gloomy and grey, we want to tuck away in bed and sleep - cats are exactly the same.

Hoarding & explawing

We all know that cats were hunters, just like lions, tigers, and the rest, so it's no surprising they love exploring. Cats are genuinely curious about almost everything. When you leave for work, they'll sniff and listen around for a few more moments.

The moment they know you're gone and the coast is clear, they begin their mission: explore the house in search for tiny things you may have left lying about, like a bottle top, for example.

Don't worry though, when you're back that mess won't be there anymore. This is because cats like to keep stashes of their findings. Their stashes are typically found behind the wardrobe, couch or in-between furniture. Move your furniture, see if you find anything you thinks gone missing. It's probably been there all along.

Felines & feelings

When you leave for work or school, how often do you think about if your cat ever misses you? Studies show that cats are actually more emotional and social than we originally thought, meaning, yes, they do love us.

This leads to them waiting for us to return, however long that may be. Imagine just going off and getting work done while your little feline is sat at the window, looking over the street waiting for your appearance. Personally, that's a comforting feeling.

PAWDOME *yawn*

Just like people, cats get bored too. When you're away a lot, cats often get lonely because there's no one to play or cuddle with. This is why it's important to spend time with your cats as soon as you return from school or work. Play with them, pet them, take selfies with them, they love the attention.


There you have it, cats do more than just sleep. They're of course not limited to this list and do stuff that's not listed above, but you get the idea that they do way more than we thought, most of it when we're not around to see it. Let us know what you think

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