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I need a collar collar, a collar is what I need. (2️⃣/4️⃣)

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Hello and welcome to blog post (2️⃣/4️⃣) about cat collars! Do you have some catching up to do, or are you all up to date? Either way, read on!

Different types of cat collars:

A magnetic collar works in a similar way to a bell collar, in that a small magnet is attached to the collar of your cat, usually via a small jump ring. In more complicated versions of cat flaps, the door or doors are locked and unlocked by the magnet, meaning only your cat can get in or out. This is a relatively foolproof system, and ensures the safety of your cat as well as your home. Whether a magnetic collar may be the right option for you is your own decision, but we can thoroughly recommend it as a method of safety and security. However, it is worth noting that you might not necessarily be able to have both a magnet and a bell on the same collar for your cat, as most bells tend to be metal or magnetic or both and could therefore interfere with the workings of the magnet. You can get metal-free bells for cat collars though, so it's worth having a look around if you'd like to use both in conjunction!

A tracking collar is pretty self-explanatory in theory, but can get increasingly more complicated as you look further into how it works. Most commonplace are GPS or Bluetooth trackers, (or some combination of the two) and the basic idea is that they tracks your pets' whereabouts so you know exactly where they are at any given time. They are generally designed with (and marketed to) dogs in mind, but are easily adaptable for your cat too, especially if your kitty is the adventuring (or escaping) type. We don't pretend to know exactly how any tracking device works, but we know they're handy, easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Check out this handy guide for an in-depth explanation!

A reflective collar, available in a variety of materials and fastenings, is so called because of its reflective outer-layer, like the kind you see on reflective clothing, road signs or vehicles. Their purpose is, obviously, to make your cat more visible in the dark, and to do so by reflecting and refracting light. This light could be from anything car headlights, street lights, garden or house lights, phone screens or (phone) torches, flashlights, or any other light source you could think of. In turn, increased visibility of your cat will help protect it from traffic accidents or any other situation where it could come into harms way. We greatly recommend a reflective collar, or a collar with one or more reflective strips, for your cat.

A decorative collar is exactly as its name suggests. Designed for aesthetic purposes only, decorative collars are simply there to make your cat look good! But, who are we kidding? Cats always look good! Ergo, they really provide no worthwhile purpose. The scope of decorative collars is wide, their designs could include anything from bowties to gemstones - both of which could very easily present a choking hazard to your cat. Hypothetically, a decorative collar could have a breakaway, buckle or stretch fastening (you'd be unlikely to find a decorative flea collar as the two kind of cancel each other out) - but a cute design is one thing, and unnecessary embellishment is another entirely! Similarly, you could, in theory, attach a magnet, bell, GPS tracker, ID tag(s) or reflective strip(s) to your cats decorative collar - but we don't recommend it. Decorative collars are, by definition, impractical, and are unlikely to demonstrate a high level of quality or safety.

Thanks for sticking with us! Check back in at the same time next week for part (3️⃣/4️⃣)!

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