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Come on, grab your friends!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

That's one small step for a cat, one giant leap for catkind.

Do you have an adventuring animal at home? A playful pet? A fearless feline? A marauding moggie? Do they sit at home, day after day, consumed by boredom? Do they always try to follow you out of the front door, no matter where you're going?

If this sounds like your cat, then never fear! Not only have we compiled the best activities to do with your cat, (outside of your own house, of course!) but we've also supplied a packing list for essential supplies integral in order to take your kitty on their very own adventure - and much more!

First off, it's never too late! While, just like with canines, it's best to start lead-training as early as possible - that doesn't mean your kitty still won't be game! If in doubt when out and about, treat your cat just as you would a (smaller) dog. Start with a walk around your garden, then a walk down your street, then a trip to the local park, etc. Lengthen each trip as your cat becomes more comfortable, and don't forget to have fun!

Feline accessibility has been a growing topic of interest over the past few years, following the rise of canine accessibility. The realities may surprise you - many establishments around the country offer cat-friendly events and accommodation. While restrictions on feline activity are still greater than those of canines, this seems set to change in the future, and has been consistently evolving for a while now. Who knows, maybe soon you could be taking your kitty absolutely everywhere with you!

Now, we're not suggesting you go completely crazy - your cat doesn't need to explore brave new worlds, and we're told that flying with animals is taxing at the best of times - but why not take advantage of this new found freedom? Have you been planning a trip? Were you worrying about how your gorgeous kitty would fare without you? Well, maybe we have a solution for you after all....

Though incomplete, the following cat breeds are thought to be the most out-going, adventurous, and therefore the perfect travel companions:

  1. Abyssinian

  2. Bengal

  3. American Bobtail

  4. Manx

  5. Turkish Van

  6. Maine Coon

  7. American Shorthair

  8. Ocicat

If your kitty's breed isn't listed here, don't worry! Every kitty is different, so why not give it a go - and see where you end up? You never know, it could end up being the best decision you've ever made!

Packing list:

  • collar

  • lead

  • harness

  • pet coat or jacket (weather-dependent)

  • feline suncream

  • pet water bottle and/or bowl, and water

  • pet food bowl and food

  • complimentary or reward foods (treats!)

  • pet cooling mat

  • pet first aid kit (inc. relevant medication)

  • portable litter tray and litter

  • pet carrier

  • bedding

  • toys

  • ID tags, microchipping or GPS tracking system

Activities list:

  • walking

  • hiking

  • climbing

  • driving

  • cycling

  • boating

  • roadtrips

  • camping

  • agility training

  • pet shops

  • charity work*

  • accommodation**

Again, this list is most definitely abridged - but we thought we'd give you a little inspiration. Don't forget that every cat is different, though - if you are a household with two or more cats then you may even find that activity preferences varies between them - just like people!

With so many of our gorgeous kitty cats up for adoption, maybe one of them will be the next intrepid explorer or fa-mouse adventurer!

*Obviously this is dependent on individual establishment rules involving animals, but schools, nursing homes and charity events and fundraisers have often welcomed animals through their doors, and in the case of nursing homes, some even have their very own moggies on the staff rota!

**It's vital you thoroughly research pet policies before booking any accommodation, and if an establishment does allow dogs, that still doesn't necessarily mean they allow cats.

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