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Can we see some identi-fur-cation, purr-lease?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Greetings and sal-mew-tations! From everyone here at Kitty Café HQ, we sincerely hope you had a completely fur-bulous cat collar safety September! You know what they say, right? Stick to what works. So, with that in mind, we thought we'd start off Octo-fur with a bang, and talk further in depth about a certain accessory you can add to your cats collar: ID tags.

Why should I buy ID tags for my cat?

ID tags are a tried and tested way of keeping your kitty safe. If your cat ever makes a break for it and succeeds in their great escape, or ever finds themselves lost or alone anywhere, then this is where ID tags will start to come in handy. Firstly, the fact that your cat is wearing a collar in the first place shows anyone and everyone that your cat is a much-loved, well looked-after moggie who has a happy and loving home. In this instance, there are then two possibilities. Your cat may even be hanging around on your very street, just a minute or two from home. And that's fine, that's great! But the other possibility, is that they are actually really very quite far away from home, and may even be a little lost. Cats do have a great sense of direction, but they're not superheroes! Which brings me onto my second point: if your kitty is lost, and is wearing a suitable collar equipped with ID tags, then getting them back home safe is instantly and immediately made so much easier!

What do I need to know before buying ID tags for my cat?

  • There are ID tag options in metal, plastic, wood and even bamboo. While metal is most common and most-hard wearing, other materials weigh considerably less, so it's worth weighing (ha!) up your options, depending on the size, height, weight, age, personality and active state of your cat.

  • Remember to take into consideration that ID tags have always been typically made for, in mind of and marketed to dogs and dog-owners. (hence the phrase 'dog tags') While this is not an issue perse, don't forget that dogs are typically heavier and more hardy than cats, and generally only wear their collars when they are out and about. Cats are smaller, thinner and will be wearing their collars, and therefore their ID tags, all the time. Therefore, you have to bear in mind the size and weight of the ID tags you are considering for your kitty. Available in lots of fun shapes including a cat face, paw print, bone, fish or heart (and many different colours); so try to opt for the lightest model of disk possible to ensure it's not too heavy for your kitty to bear, and consider the circumference and total surface area of the tags you're looking at, because even if you choose a nice, light weight tag for your kitty, you don't want it to be too tall or wide (or both) either.

What should I have engraved on my cats' ID tags?

This decision is, of course, entirely up to you, but common things that tend to be engraved onto pet tags include owner surnames, postcodes, street names and/or numbers, pet names, or phone numbers.

Where should I have ID tags engraved for my cat?

  • We recommend going through the proper channels when getting ID tags for your cat. Therefore, we suggest you use a legitimate business, like a Key Duplication Service or a Locksmiths'. Most companies in this industry also have the proper equipment with which to buy and engrave pet tags. For example, Timpson , a popular British retailer, specialise in key cutting, locksmith services and engraving services, as well as offering a whole host of other skills, including the repairs of mobile phones, jewellery, watches and shoes, as well as dry-cleaning, photo-processing and custom-made house signs.

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