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The Cat Fish Treat Dispenser

The Cat Fish Treat Dispenser

All cats deserve and love a stimulating, sensory toy, especially one that dispenses their most favourite, delicious treats, but not all store bought treat dispensers work as they should do or last as long as they should. 


That's why we created the Cat Fish - a sweet, fish-shaped, cat treat dispenser toy, that doubles as your feline's new best friend! This little fishy can be filled with anything your cat's heart desires, from the most scrumptious of treats to a little bit of catnip and it will keep them entertained for hours, as they try to work out the mystery of the puzzle, that is - how to get that extremely close, tantalisingly tasty reward! That's not all - the raised bumps across the toy help to keep your cat's teeth and gums healthy and clean, as they chew on the all important, food safe, long-lasting material! Finally, it is incredibly easy to clean and refill, which your feline friend will no doubt be begging you to do, repeatedly, so what are you waiting for? Keep your beloved cat mentally and physically healthy and happy with the Cat Fish! 

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