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Summer is here! How to enjoy the sun the Kitty Café way!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

What a lovely week it’s been! Both in terms of the weather and in our cafés. It really does seem to be true that the sun brings out the best in us- everyone’s been so much more positive since it made its very belated appearance! Even here at Kitty Café HQ the atmosphere has been brighter. But knowing the British weather it could all change in the blink of an eye, so we may as well make the most of the glorious sunshine. And in this week’s edition of the blog, we’ll be telling you all the ways you can do just that!

Host a BBQ!

This may be an obvious one and the chances are (like any British person) you probably switched into grilling mode the second the sun came out. But if you’re not sick of sausages and burgers just yet, why not do it the Kitty Café way and make a special occasion of it?

Everyone knows being chief griller comes with its risks! Grab a pair of these kitty oven mitts to avoid any nasty burns

BBQ food + ice cold beer = match made in heaven! These bottle openers will make it easy to crack open a cold one

One of the main attractions of a BBQ is the lack of washing up! So why defeat the object by getting out your fine china? These paper plates will do the trick

Have a picnic

Picnics were all the rage last year, and we can see why. They’re affordable and you can tailor the menu to your own tastes! Plus you can now have outdoor gatherings of up to 30 people so if you have a larger group, you won’t be restricted to the rule of six, unlike indoor restaurants. We stock a huge range of cool bags, flasks and bottles to transport your snacks in style and keep them fresh on a hot day. You could even use one of our blankets to sit on.

Keep your snacks cool in these cute kitty bags

There's nothing like a cold flask of squash on a hot day!

Seal up any unfinished packets with these adorable snack bag clips

Head down to the beach

If you’re anything like us, this last bank holiday will have given you serious FOMO and had you craving a trip to the coast. Well why not? How about you pack one of our funky swimming costumes, a cute kitty beach towel and some cat eye sunglasses and head to the seaside? P.s. remember your sun cream or you’ll end up very sore!

These flip flops are an essential for walking on hot sand!

Fancy a swim? Check out our range of swimsuits

Don't forget a beach towel! This kitty one is purrfect

Chill at home

Sometimes when the heat gets too much, we don’t really fancy going anywhere. But not to worry, we have plenty of ways you can keep cool from the comfort of your own home!

Every household needs a fan! This cute kitty one is small but powerful and has a USB plug

On these stuffy nights you need loose, lightweight pyjamas like this cute top and shorts set!

Hydration is key! This drinks jar is purrfect for iced coffees or juice

However you're spending these sunny days, whether you're soaking up the sun or paying a visit to our furry friends down at the cafés, the most important thing is that you enjoy yourself and stay safe! After such a tough year, and especially now we're gradually being given more freedom, it really is time we had some fun. For your fix of kitty cuteness, keep an eye on our social media platforms where we'll be posting adorable cat pictures as well as our weekly giveaway! See you next week for a gift guide on what to buy your cat-loving dad this Father's Day!

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