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Welcome to the Kitty Cafe Shop!

Our wonderful store accompanies our main cafes and helps to fund the rehabilitation and homing of our rescue cats.

We've got official merch, wonderful cat toys and accessories, as well as lovely items for hoomans to show off how much they love cats!

Our Popular Products!

Support our Cats

Our online store compliments the Kitty Cafe stores as an additional way to not only support the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming work we do at the Kitty Cafe but also to bring your and your cat pawsome products tried and tested by us Kitties and hoo-mans. Everything you purchase from this store directly helps us rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats. 

With the volatility of the pandemic it has been a struggle but with your generosity and patronage we've been able to keep helping kitties. Unfortunately, it is an ongoing endeavour so if you wish to sponsor a cat or donate to our rescue click below!

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